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"We recently consolidated our data collection from varied sources across all of our business units because Supply Wisdom provides us depth and breadth across all of our key criteria. Supply Wisdom acts as a comprehensive and objective source for timely insights for us to seamlessly integrate into our existing internal processes." ~Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company


IAOP has partnered with Neo Group to offer corporate members a risk and disruption monitoring service called Supply Wisdom. This real-time service enables enterprises to continuously receive data, alerts and health reports on their third parties and locations.  Leading banks, insurance, financial services, healthcare, life sciences, retail, logistics and other global enterprises use Supply Wisdom to optimize sourcing decisions, enhance business continuity practices, support assessments, improve risk management and ongoing supplier governance.  

Supply Wisdom is cloud-based and continuous. Supply Wisdom solutions are uniquely designed to provide a solid framework for any corporation’s sourcing and risk monitoring program. Supply Wisdom’s proprietary risk model dynamically evaluates 350+ data points across nine different categories (including financial, geopolitical, macroeconomic, financial, people risk, infrastructure, service maturity, risk and compliance etc.) specifically related to your suppliers assisting organizations in identifying, analyzing and quantifying risks at the supplier, country and city level. The depth and breadth of coverage make Supply Wisdom a trusted and reliable partner for sourcing, vendor management, business continuity, risk management and compliance functions.

Customer Corporate Members receive one manager-level subscription.  To find out how to take advantage of the exclusive member benefit, click "more info".


Supply Wisdom is powered by Neo Group, a leading management consulting firm with focus on Global Talent, Automation, Analytics, Process Optimization & Governance Support. Since 1999, Neo has been helping organizations achieve business objectives and address business challenges by leveraging global services and sourcing by providing not only advice but ensuring effective outcomes.
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