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“No matter what you think your level of proficiency is, everyone in the industry would benefit from taking the COP Master Class. It’s not only great as a refresher but also to hear the professional experience viewpoints of the instructor, the lawyer and the other senior-level attendees, as well as those of the clients who are going through the battles. By understanding, I can be more effective.”  ~Michael Fraley, Principal, EY





Need to get educated? Take the COP Master Class. Looking for a refresher course or two to stay on top of your game?  How about the Governance Workshop? Want it in writing?  Get certified! 

IAOP Academy is home to all things training and certification and offers both individual and corporate options for gaining a broader knowledge of the end-to-end standards as well as practices and processes that define successful relationships.

IAOP Academy delivers by way of public classes, private classes, on-demand e-learning, via webinar and at conferences.  The best thing about IAOP Academy is that training that suits your needs is right at your fingertips.


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