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"We recently consolidated our data collection from varied sources across all of our business units because Supply Wisdom provides us depth and breadth across all of our key criteria. Supply Wisdom acts as a comprehensive and objective source for timely insights for us to seamlessly integrate into our existing internal processes." ~Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company

      Accelerate Your Supplier Due Diligence and Onboarding


       Know Your Supplier | Quickly, Comprehensively & Cost Efficiently


To meet today’s business requirements, you need to be more agile -  able to quickly and efficiently understand the qualifications and risk associated with a supplier.

Unfortunately, lengthy questionnaires and outdated assessments are neither quick nor cost effective, and most critically, often fail to provide an accurate view of the current risks.

Supply Wisdom is the cost-effective solution you need to move beyond outdated assessments. Leveraging the latest automation and data science, our solution provides rapid, in-depth & always current health and risk reports on your suppliers across 7 risk domains.

Continuously identifies, informs, prevents and mitigates supply chain and third-party risk exposure for enterprises

                                                               AI-Enabled Full-Spectrum Risk Intelligence

                                                                          Across 7 Risk Domains


Now you can accelerate your due diligence and supplier onboarding with Supply Wisdom’s full-stack real-time and continuous supplier intelligence with benefits across the entire third-party sourcing and risk lifecycle.

Supply Wisdom’s rapid supplier health and risk scans enable you to increase due diligence and sourcing agility at a fraction of the cost of outdated current practices.

IAOP Corporate Members have access to a complimentary Quick Health & Risk Scan for any one supplier. 

Please click the button below to access this complimentary benefit or to request a demo of how Supply Wisdom’s real-time full-spectrum risk intelligence can benefit your enterprise.


About Supply Wisdom®

Supply Wisdom’s mission of “Preventing Disruptions,” and its patented solution is transforming the way supply chain, procurement and third-party risk leaders manage risks and operational resilience.

Supply Wisdom’s AI-enabled cloud solution delivers full-spectrum continuous third-party and location risk intelligence and risk actions in real-time to minimize the risks of disruption facing business, supply chains, and third parties. Now procurement, supply chain and operational risk leaders can prioritize, move faster, do more with less resources, and act proactively and confidently.    |    |     +1.212.547.9481

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