Supply Wisdom

"We recently consolidated our data collection from varied sources across all of our business units because Supply Wisdom provides us depth and breadth across all of our key criteria. Supply Wisdom acts as a comprehensive and objective source for timely insights for us to seamlessly integrate into our existing internal processes." ~Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company




Sourcing Leaders need to make decisions quickly while reducing risk in order to keep business moving forward. Supply Wisdom™ is the premier solution for Sourcing and Governance decisions, providing comprehensive data and objective analysis to support critical decisions across the sourcing life-cycle. 

Market Leaders use Supply Wisdom’s Sourcing Intelligence for:

Supplier Selection - Know and compare information, including supplier expertise, presence, attrition client wins/losses and more.

Location Selection - Use over 150+ location specific criteria such as economic, political, labor laws, and many more to reduce risks and enhance benefits.

Risk Monitoring - Real-time, ongoing news alerts identify emerging risks before they disrupt your supply chain.

In-house Centers - Keep a pulse on related expertise and market capabilities, new opportunities, and disruption risk.

Collaborative Sourcing - Be aware of new capabilities to redesign operations delivery model. Leverage market information to enhance collaboration with partners.

Governance - Get real-time, ongoing news alerts identifying potential disruption risk and engage with your partners and in-house centers to quickly mitigate them.

Benchmarking and Re-negotiations - Comprehensive, real-time data and analysis puts you in the best negotiation position possible.

Beyond Better Sourcing - Supply Wisdom’s Value:

  • Unlock greater value from relationships
  • Reduce Operational Disruptions
  • Significantly reduce cost of vendor assessments
  • Improve Speed and Quality of Risk Response
  • Replace Multiple Data Sources with Supply Wisdom
  • Zero Time-to and Cost-of Implementation
  • Enhanced Cybersecurity Risk Monitoring

Supply Wisdom™ also provides risk assessments, cyber susceptibility scorecards, real-time alerts, and negative news on cybersecurity risk. Supply Wisdom™ enables CIOs and CISOs to quickly assess the cyber susceptibility security posture of their supply chain, compliance against industry standards, and institute corrective action.

Subscribe to Supply Wisdom™ and get continuous sourcing intelligence on your third parties and locations within 24 hours of sign-up.

IAOP Corporate Members have access to a complimentary level of service. 

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Supply Wisdom™, a NeoGroup service, helps enterprises make critical decisions across the sourcing life-cycle and stay ahead of third-party and location risks with continuous monitoring across the risk spectrum.

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