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Our members are movers and shakers in the webinar world and we want you to stay in the know! Hosted by IAOP Corporate Members and Partners, we're sure these webinars will inspire and motivate...  To add your webinar to this list, email and we'll get it out there for our IAOP Community to see.

August 27 @ 12:00 AM ET | What’s Next? Post-Pandemic Considerations for IT Leaders  | Claro Enterprise Solutions 

Join Claro Enterprise Solutions on August 27th for an interactive web-based discussion on how businesses are responding to the global pandemic, and what IT leader must do to enable new ways of working. Specific takeaways will include:

  • Factors and considerations defining the “New Normal” of work
  • The role of IT in defining operational strategies in today’s continually evolving environment
  • Key capabilities IT organizations need to keep employees connected, collaborating and secure – regardless of their physical location


July 22 @ 10:00 AM ET | Transforming Vendor Performance through Innovative Contract Management   | SirionLabs | Add to Calendar

Ardent Partners research has shown that procurement departments can save between 12% and 18% by avoiding maverick spending. But managing contracts is more than just compliance. Contracts are the glue that binds buyers and suppliers, ensuring that buyers maximize the value negotiated during the sourcing process and that suppliers deliver on promises made in the contract. In 2020, innovative new contract management strategies and technologies are changing the way procurement, legal and contract management teams collaborate with vendors transforming performance and value realization in vendor engagements.

Join Andrew Bartolini, Chief Research Officer, Ardent Partners and Scott Quinn, VP - Customer Success, SirionLabs as they discuss and present the latest contract management trends and the key findings from Ardent Partners’ forthcoming report.


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