IAOP Announces the New Streamlined COP/aCOP Application
and 5-Year Certification Period
WINDERMERE, FL, June 1, 2016 – IAOP® today introduced a new, streamlined application to help individuals seeking the gold-standard Certified Outsourcing Professional® (COP) and Associate Certified Outsourcing Professional® (aCOP) designation.

Previously separate, the aCOP & COP are now combined into one streamlined application, allowing applicants to achieve certification once the key milestones are achieved. Individuals who have taken and documented the COP Master Class, then taken and passed the COP exam will now automatically achieve aCOP certification, with the option to continue to document project experience to achieve COP certification.

IAOP has also simplified experience mapping documentation, requiring a write-up only for each main project, and simple check off of COP standards that are applicable, replacing the open-ended text entry method.

“This is a common-sense approach that our members asked for. There is no reason that an individual seeking COP designation should not be able to receive their aCOP on the way there. So, this is a big deal,” said Dana Corbett, Director of Research, Training & Certification at IAOP. “Saving applicants time and money is important and we’re pleased that all of the recent improvements will do just that. ”

Additional modifications include:

  • A new progress bar showing each stage of completion and documents those areas still need to be completed.
  • Easier documentation when an applicant’s COP Mentor reviews the project mapping.
  • Once certified, applicants may immediately download either the personalized aCOP or COP certificate from IAOP. Applicants may also immediately download their designation letter that contains guidelines for usage as well as information on recertification and networking opportunities with other designation holders.
  • Expanded opportunities to earn recertification points, which includes PMI courses and more.
  • Both the aCOP and COP benefit from the extended certification period of 5+ years before recertification is required.
All applications are easily accessed and valid for up to one year from start date, allowing individuals to complete and save their certification documentation at their pace. 
Applicants with aCOP or COP applications already open may opt to switch to the new simplified format on request.
Those interested in IAOP certification can learn more by visiting
IAOP’s website here. For more information, email Dana Corbett, Director of Research, Training & Certification, at
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