IAOP and Avasant Announce Results of Women Empowerment
& Opportunity in Outsourcing Survey

Survey Results to be Presented at OWS17 
WINDERMERE, FL, February 10 – IAOP, in collaboration with Avasant, a global management consulting firm, announced today, the results of its Women Empowerment and Opportunity in Outsourcing survey.
The purpose of the survey was to gather data on the perceptions of gender equality, empowerment and opportunities for women in the outsourcing industry and identify where and how outsourcing has internationally empowered the lives of women, both inside and outside the workplace.
"Gender equality is in the news a lot lately, for obvious reasons," said Dana Corbett, IAOP Director, Research, Certification & Training. "Empowering women in the workforce means not only added control for women over their lives but increased flexibility and self-reliance, not to mention added business benefits such as profitability and growth."
The survey went to more than 50,000 outsourcing professionals around the world. Findings from this survey will be presented in a powerful keynote main session during OWS17, February 19-22, 2017, in San Antonio, Texas. This session will be led as an open forum panel encouraging summit delegates to engage in the conversation surrounding women empowerment, encouraging the exploration of initiatives being created or successfully executed, challenges faced going forward, etc. Following this session, the conversation continues at the summit’s chapter headquarters, where first steps will be taken to create an IAOP chapter focusing on these matters, as well as engaging all delegates in this important conversation.
View the survey results. For more information to see this powerful keynote session, please visit IAOP’s website.

This initiative does not end here. Rather, it begins to build the stage to make improvements and bring equality to the workplace in every corner of the world. Going forward, IAOP and Avasant plan future programs and opportunities based on these results.
“Gender equality has far reaching benefits including providing an impetus to the global economy,” said Chitra Rajeshwari. Executive Director, Avasant Foundation. “Studies show that given a chance, women prove to be excellent leaders. The Women Empowerment and Opportunity in Outsourcing Survey, developed jointly by Avasant and IAOP, indicates that while there have been positive strides made for women working in the outsourcing industry, there has been lack of a fairness and equality in compensation, leadership positions for well-qualified women, executive level engagement in supporting women, and training and skill development programs. Encouraging and supporting women’s success, through addressing these issues and through awareness, 
integrity and fairness, could prove beneficial not only for them but will improve company profits and overall industry performance.”

For any questions surrounding this initiative, please contact Dana Corbett, IAOP Director, Research, Training & Certification, at

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