IAOP Announces Partnership with Emerging Europe Alliance for Business Services, Innovation and Technology


WINDERMERE, FL, August 30, 2018 – lAOP® today announced the Emerging Europe Alliance for Business Services, Innovation and Technology, as its newest alliance partner. This collaboration will bring representatives from 23 countries across emerging Europe to connect with their US counterparts, share knowledge and expertise, plus establish new partnerships for future collaboration.

“The partnership with Emerging Europe provides unique benefits to both sides,” said Debi Hamill, CEO of IAOP. “Growing our footprint and bringing new value to existing members is key for us. We’ve been producing events in Europe since the early 2000s and we’ve seen substantial growth in terms of opportunity in the region. We wanted a partner with a similar vision and we’ve found that in Emerging Europe.

We are also pleased to announce that Tom Quigley, CEO of the Alliance, is joining IAOP’s European Outsourcing Council, adding his wide range of expertise to the group. We’re looking forward to a symbiotic collaboration between our two membership organizations.”

The partnership will include Emerging Europe Alliance’s sponsorship of OWS19, IAOP’s annual conference taking place next year, February 17-20, in Orlando, Florida. Emerging Europe will host the Tuesday evening reception with a pavilion in the Global Services Mall.

“Our relationship with IAOP fits perfectly with our strategy of raising the profile of emerging Europe with key global markets and delivering opportunities for businesses and locations to showcase their expertise and explore meaningful partnership development opportunities,” said Quigley. “IAOP is a very prominent, highly-regarded association with a longstanding heritage and a global community with worldwide members and affiliates. We’re delighted to be invited to play a role in their global summit and are fully focused on ensuring we bring the very best of what the region has to offer for the benefit of their members.”

Emerging Europe is focused on creating an engaged, energized and active ecosystem of innovative business services, technology and IT companies, startups, venture capital funds, service providers, buyers, locations and investors from within and beyond emerging Europe and recognize, acknowledge and celebrate the best and most innovative technology providers that the region has to offer, and showcase them on a global stage.

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About the Emerging Europe Alliance for Business Services, Innovation and Technology 
The Alliance is a membership organization whose ultimate aim is to foster innovation and creativity across emerging Europe. We seek to promote the collective strength of talent, technology and service capability of the wider region while at the same time facilitating each country in showcasing their unique value proposition. Visit

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