IAOP to Launch Social Responsibility in Outsourcing Chapter

Lead Organizations Involved Include Facebook, Microsoft, Sprint, Accenture, Alorica, the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition and the Global Mentorship Initiative

WINDERMERE, FL, August 5, 2019 – IAOP®, the association that brings together buyers, providers and advisors working in collaborative partnerships, today announced the launch of its long-awaited Social Responsibility in Outsourcing (SRO) Chapter. The inaugural webinar, “The Evolution of Socially Responsible Outsourcing: Relevant Now More Than Ever,” is August 20, 2019, at 2:00 PM ET and is open to the public.

“IAOP has been a long-time supporter of Impact Sourcing and SRO. We are so pleased to see the ever-growing interest in building a community around this important topic and are thrilled to align with these organizations doing really great work in the space to form IAOP’s SRO Chapter,” said Debi Hamill, IAOP CEO. “We look forward to collaborating with these change-makers to promote best practices, help expand and enhance the great work they are doing and be a benevolent voice in encouraging more companies across the globe to establish socially responsible business models.”

“Being socially responsible is not only good for workers and communities, but there’s also a strong business case for the BPO industry to adopt this approach,” said Jon Browning, CEO, Global Mentorship Initiative and chair of IAOP’s SRO chapter. “It can be a win for everyone, and buyers are looking for opportunities to use their procurement funds to further their CSR goals.”

Webinar topics include:

  • Why SRO is important to the outsourcing industry
  • The SRO role for procurement and buyers of outsourcing
  • The SRO role for service providers
  • Benefits of SRO to workers and communities

Lead organizations include the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition (GISC), Facebook, Microsoft, Sprint, Accenture, Alorica and the Global Mentorship Initiative.

Integrating SRO concepts and policies today can be a challenge for BPO buyers and service providers. Chartered with promoting awareness for how the BPO industry can embrace social responsibility in their business strategy, the SRO Chapter encourages companies to share their success and learnings from implementing various socially responsible models, including impact sourcing, establishing a social mission and tactics, ethical labor practices, sustainability and industry collaboration. The SRO chapter is open to all IAOP members.

For additional information on participating in the chapter, contact Nicole Dumont, IAOP Global Programs Manager, at To register for the meeting, click here.

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