IAOP Announces Partnership with Global Equations 

Evaluating investment opportunities on delivery locations key feature.

POUGHKEEPSIE, NY, August 11, 2021 – IAOP today announced its partnership with Global Equations, a  one-of-a-kind platform, developed by Avasant, that showcases the digital competitiveness of a location while seamlessly connecting all the segments of an investment ecosystem.  

“IAOP is pleased to spotlight this tool from our Global Partner, Avasant, and provide our members with easier accessibility to the data they need in their location investment decision-making process,” said Debi Hamill, IAOP CEO.  “Understanding opportunity and competitive advantage are huge and we are looking forward to helping our members connect those dots.”

The platform evaluates 80+ countries on their digital maturity and technology services ecosystem that can be leveraged by multinationals and global service providers to make investment decisions on establishing delivery locations. It provides detailed location profiles and comparative analysis covering key factors including business ecosystem and services maturity, talent quality, geo-risk and cost of operations as well as helps connect with local government agencies.

The Global Equations platform also hosts the Digital Competitiveness Index (DCI™),  a unique digital maturity index that provides a holistic assessment of a locations’ digital standing across digital competitiveness pillars– Digital Ecosystem, Enabling Environment, Human Capital, Supporting Infrastructure and Financial Attractiveness. The DCI Index is derived by assessing 100+ qualitative and quantitative data points to assess a location’s ability to provide a competitive advantage as a digital service delivery location.

“Digital competitiveness is an essential tool for national economic development. Digital strategies can have a significant impact on socio-economic development across emerging and developed economies”, said Anupam Govil, Partner, Avasant. “We’ve built an extensive, mutually beneficial partnership with IAOP and are excited to be able to share this platform with IAOP members to accelerate investment, job growth, and economic development in emerging economies.”

Discounts are available to IAOP Corporate Members.  For more information, email

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