IAOP and The Rockefeller Foundation Announce Winners of 2022 Global Impact Sourcing Award
Winners Chosen from Industry Organizations BPESA, Webhelp, Isahit, and Stepwise

WINDERMERE, FL, Feb 16, 2022 – IAOP®, together with The Rockefeller Foundation, announced today the winners of its 2022 Global Impacting Sourcing Award (GISA). This award recognizes both buyer and provider organizations as well as influencing organizations impacting local communities by creating jobs in the BPO industry in underserved areas.


  • Impact Sourcing Influencer: BPESA
  • Impact Sourcing Provider: Webhelp
  • Impact Sourcing Provider: Isahit
  • Impact Sourcing Provider: Stepwise










IAOP and The Rockefeller Foundation will honor these impact sourcing leaders through IAOP’s online OWS22 platform during the Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, February 16th.


“The GISA winners for 2022 were chosen from a strong field of candidates and selected based on the significance of Impact Sourcing to their business model and their public commitment,” said Jon Browning, IAOP CSR Committee Chair and CEO of Global Mentorship Initiative. "Impact Sourcing has become an essential component of today’s BPO industry and service providers recognize this is an effective means for demonstrating social responsibility.”


“Companies are making conscious efforts to put impact sourcing practices into action because it helps society, creates goodwill for their reputations and contributes positively to their brands’ health and performance,” said Debi Hamill, CEO, IAOP. “We applaud these winning organizations for blazing a trail because doing well by doing good isn’t just a passing trend, it’s a paradigm shift that is changing our industry for the better.”


Impact Sourcing Influencer — BPESA: Business Process Enabling South Africa (BPESA) is a not-for-profit company that serves as the representative national industry body and trade association for those Global Business Services (GBS) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) operators in South Africa serving the international and domestic markets. BPESA’s purpose is to promote and market South Africa to the world as an attractive location to offshore their service contracts or centers, thereby stimulating local job creation, particularly for unemployed, marginalized youth communities as part of its adoption and promotion of Impact Sourcing and Inclusive Hiring. The organization also fulfills the important role of coordinating industry stakeholders to provide a sustainable supply of suitably skilled people to enable the sector to remain competitive and to grow in a socially responsible way by assisting to stimulate economic growth, new job creation and skills development. 


Impact Sourcing in a Provider Organization — Webhelp: A core element of Webhelp’s Group strategy is to build an Impact Sourcing model for global scale. Since being founded 21 years ago, Webhelp has remained devoted to developing sustainable and impactful business practices across our group. As a global outsourcer with a footprint in over 50 countries, we are uniquely placed to implement systemic, scalable, and sustainable Impact Sourcing practices. This enables us to serve better the societies in which we work while impacting the social and employment-related challenges unique to each country where we operate.


Impact Sourcing in a Provider Organization — Isahit: Isahit is a socially-oriented platform that gives digital work to women based in Africa, South America, Europe and Asia. Isahit’s ambition is to reduce poverty by giving work to disadvantaged people. Our target is women that earn less than 2$/day. At Isahit, we outsource digital micro-tasks from international companies. Our community of HITers, mainly women (the name given to our workers) are doing these digital micro-tasks on our crowdsourcing platform. The revenue generated by their work allows them to earn additional income in order to realize their various life projects (resume or continue their studies, create their micro-enterprise, finance training, etc.).


Impact Sourcing in a Provider Organization — Stepwise: StepWise Inc. is an impact sourcing service provider with offices in the US and Kenya. With more than 15 years’ experience delivering value to more than 300 customers across five continents, StepWise is one of the founders of the impact sourcing movement. As the first B-Corp. certified in East Africa, StepWise is equally passionate about profits and purpose. StepWise uses the power of technology to train and equip persons from historically underserved communities, particularly, the youth, women and persons with disabilities, to compete and succeed in the 4th Industrial Revolution.


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