By: Mina Habib, Head of Marketing Department, RAYA Contact Center

A recent report by the State of Digital Business Report found a staggering 47 percent of companies have not yet started their digital transformation. What’s more, the majority – 59 percent – of these businesses worry that it might already be too late for them to start this process.

But digital transformation does not need to be an intimidating process. In fact, any businesses can take the plunge, and reap the rewards that come with digital transformation.

In essence, digital transformation involves upgrading your business practices to keep them in line with the latest in digital business innovations.

Reimagining your operations in this way is vital for companies looking to retain the engagement of buyers. By undertaking a digital transformation, these businesses can provide their customers with a seamless customer experience, regardless of their location or the channel that they use.

Even before the global pandemic threw a further spanner in the works, a distinctive shift was beginning to take place, towards increasing digitization and servitization (outcomes as a service) of the economy. Current events have acted to accelerate the paradigm even further.

This trend has occurred as a result of the marked shift in spending on digital businesses. A huge proportion of companies have recognized the increasing importance of digital transformation – 79 percent of companies have increased their budget for digital transformation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Key Tip: Engage with Your Customers on Their Preferred Channels

Any businesses looking to kickstart their digital transformation should be working towards being able to reach customers through means other than traditional offline channels.

Many of your customers will want (and expect) to get in touch with your business in the same way they would connect with their friends and family. In order to fulfill this expectation, you need to have a strong presence on their preferred channels. This would include a variety of social media networks, emails, SMS, and live chat. The key to providing the best possible customer service is not only understanding the behavior of your customers but recognizing the best way in which to provide the support that they require.

With a strong digital customer engagement strategy in place, you can provide a better customer experience, build stronger customer relationships and, ultimately, boost your bottom line.

Although the majority of companies understand that customer experience is an important factor for success, far too few are doing anything to improve this. If you wish to build better experiences for your customers, become more readily present, and then monitor the ways in which they interact with your company.

While undertaking a digital transformation of your business can seem like a rather complex project, BPO providers with expertise in digital transformation can help provide complete solutions.

About the Author

Mina Habib is responsible for Marketing and Communication in RAYA Contact Center. He has more than 15 years in the marketing domain. Early in 2001, he started his career as a web & multimedia designer. In 2005, he joined Orascom Holding & Development as E-Marketing Development Manager, responsible for all the digital marketing activities, SEO & SEM. Habib has played a crucial role in the BPO industry since 2012 by joining Centro Global Solutions as a Marketing and Communication Director, known for utilizing “out of the box” strategies to spark ideas that generate growth.

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