Reimagining Work: Unveiling the Importance of Belonging
By: Colliers International

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Reimagining Work: Unveiling the Importance of Belonging

The importance of belonging in the workplace was an important topic discussed at IAOP’s Social Impact Meeting of the Minds in San Francisco. In this blog, Colliers shares their thought leadership on the topic.

As workplaces evolve, the strongest amenity any company can offer in the new work experience is its people. Belonging, the ultimate pursuit, is about establishing meaningful connections and unlocking a sense of purpose within the workplace. Amid global shifts including politics, economics, climate change, and racial unrest, as well as the uncertainty created by evolving work styles and the widening talent gap, belonging has emerged as a crucial component of the workplace experience.

Investments in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) have skyrocketed. In 2020, U.S. organizations invested $7.5B in DEI initiatives, expected to double to $15.4B by 2026. Despite these investments, employees often feel isolated, and a lack of perceived inclusion leads to missed opportunities for job seekers.

Hence, to realize the full benefits of DEI investments, a sense of belonging must be fostered within organizations. Investing in belonging is not just a response to current challenges but an essential strategy for the future. It is the reason employees will choose to come back to the office, to spend productive time with others and experience the power of human connection in achieving shared goals.

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