IAOP's Membership Committee


Responsible for ensuring that the informational, networking and professional support activities of IAOP meet members’ needs. This includes IAOP’s annual conference, The Outsourcing World Summit; geographic, industry, and topical chapters; publications; and an array of online and direct member support services.


  • Bill Hall, Partner, Pretium Partners

IAOP Executive Sponsor

  • Kim Maneeley, Senior Managing Director, IAOP


  • Mauricio Velasquez, COP-BD, Partner, Outsourcing Advisor
  • Bobby Varanasi, COP-GOV, CEO, Matryzel Consulting Inc
  • Darshan P. Kaur, COP, Senior Director - Global Sourcing
  • Audrey Cushing, Director, Vee Technologies
  • Girish S. Havildar, Analyst, Merck & Co
  • Israel Rodriguez, Vendor Relationship Mgr, Allianz Life Ins Co
  • Marko Kovacevic, Chair of IAOP's European Outsourcing Council


  • Improvement of IAOP’s Website navigation
  • Development of reciprocal relationships
  • Expansion of Member Surveys
  • GEO Award Judging
  • Development of IAOP's Non-Solicitation Policy
  • Development  and launch of IAOP’s  Online Speakers Bureau
  • Development and launch of IAOP’s Customer Only Network      

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