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IAOP is interested in all aspects of outsourcing on a global level. Our corporate and professional members are diverse in size, industry, region and service focus. Through our member feedback from surveys, research, chapter and event activities, we endeavor to continue expanding our membership benefits to better enhance the value of our organization for all of our members.

IAOP acknowledges the importance of continually communicating a positive outsourcing message through media, not just to the outsourcing community, but to a broader business audience that may be on the verge of entering the outsourcing world. With this goal in mind, IAOP has formed unique multi-dimensional relationships with strategic Media Alliance Partners.


    Since December 1993, when it produced the first-ever special section on outsourcing, FORTUNE magazine has been the leader in communicating and explaining this powerful business tool to America's senior executives. Their special advertising sections consistently have been the largest and most influential in the industry. 


    Professional Outsourcing Magazine has already re-energized the business publishing sector with a unique mix of controversy, exclusives, hard-hitting stories, original voices, and it's been getting better and better ever since. It has already established itself as the title and website that people make time to read and talk about- it's the professional choice. Professional Outsourcing stands out because no other title tells it like it is in the real world of work and a challenging economy.


    Established in 2002, Great-Idea Business Resources supports both international outsourcing buyers and domestic service providers and serves as one of the largest information portals in China. It provides information and consulting services for state and local governments and training services to high-level government officials and corporate executives. Great-Idea adheres to the “service creates value” concept and is dedicated to providing the latest information and research for the outsourcing industry, developing the Chinese outsourcing market and promoting international business communication.


    Nearshore Americas is the only independent online magazine exclusively dedicated to the exported professional services of Latin America and the Caribbean. Nearshore Americas investigates the key trends that underlie the emergence of Americas-based sourcing, providing exclusive interviews and case studies, video reports and other features. Our site is dedicated to providing valid, high-quality analysis about developing successful partnerships in the region. Visit to sign up for our free weekly newsletter.


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