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PULSEcast: DOING WELL BY DOING GOOD: THE FUTURE OF IMPACT SOURCING  Impact Sourcing not only presents an enormous opportunity for the professional advancement of marginalized communities through training and steady, fair-wage employment but it is also a business practice that, when done right, maximizes business outcomes. This session will feature panelists from the organizations blazing the trail in this space as well as personal stories from struggle and adversity to success through ingenuity, drive, and dedication. Join us to hear how impact sourcing is transforming business for the better and learn where to start at your organization.



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Public Article Impact Sourcing Continues During Coronavirus | The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t stopped impact sourcing by IAOP members with at least one company hiring during this time. Employee safety has moved to the forefront as a result of the global health crisis. In our ongoing look at how the coronavirus is affecting our members and their organizations, IAOP talked with members of the CSR committee about the future of the business practice that has been gaining traction in recent years. More »

Public Article IAOP Joins with Tent to Advance Hiring of Refugees and Impact Sourcing | More »

Public Article Inaugural Impact Sourcing Champions Index Celebrates 64 Trailblazing Companies | The 64 companies on IAOP’s inaugural Impact Sourcing Champions Index are both. They are the best of the best buy-side, provider and advisory firms that each day advance the lives of people who otherwise would have limited prospects for sustainable employment through their award-winning hiring practices. More »

Public Article IAOP Holds First Virtual Forum Focused on Impact Sourcing | More »

Professional Membership Required Impact Cultivating | Impact sourcing is the new business lingo.  Companies are touting their approach to impact sourcing and showcasing their civic mindedness. In many cases, they truly believe in the concept and have a solid strategy and implementation plans for achieving real benefits that impact society. The goal, however, should be to achieve long lasting change for individuals and communities. As important as impact sourcing is in creating a better world, we need to think about impact “cultivating.”  If you wish to reforest a barren landscape, you must start with seeds and nurture the saplings until you have fully developed strong, resilient trees. It requires time, effort, and investment.  Cultivating requires providing ongoing skills and knowledge that will allow participants to adapt to changing situations, so they will not be left behind again. We already see the effect of technology eliminating low skilled positions. Many supporting fields, such as medicine, are under prepared and under staffed. In this article, let’s look at impact cultivation and the foundation it creates for impact sourcing. More »

Professional Membership Required The Evolution of Socially Responsible Outsourcing: Relevant Now More Than Ever | The IAOP SRO Chapter held a webinar on August 20, 2019, on The Evolution of Socially Responsible Outsourcing and why it is relevant now more than ever. Socially Responsible Outsourcing (SRO) can trace its origins back 75 years, but integrating SRO concepts and policies today can still be a challenge for BPO buyers and service providers. IAOP’s SRO Chapter presented a panel event to discuss how to implement SRO, why it matters, and examples of how it’s being implemented in today’s largest organizations. Attendees joined representatives from Microsoft, Sprint, Alorica, and others to learn how and why to begin their SRO journey. More »


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