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RETURNING TO WORK WILL MEAN MORE SPACE, FEWER PEOPLE AND MANY POSSIBILITIES  When employees return to work in the short- and longer-term, the office environment won’t be the same as the one they left behind before the pandemic – and that can be positive for companies and their workforces.  


Expect a big reboot and not much to look or feel the same in the workplace. IAOP member experts working for the world’s largest commercial real estate firms predict that there will be fewer people, more space and plenty of opportunities for companies to reinvent themselves for the future. 





Creating Economic Inclusion and Social Impact


Service Delivery Evolves to a "New Normal"
Claro Webinar Explores Implications of Move to Remote Workplaces


Revolutionize Your Customer Experience by Investing in Digital Transformation
Take the Plunge, and Reap the Rewards of Digital Transformation


Privacy Shield Is Gone. Now, What About Your Data Transfers?
Facts on Data Transfer and Compliance with EU GDPR


Giving Thanks
A Message from IAOP’s CEO


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Professional Membership Required Outsourcing Professional Body of Knowledge (Version 10): The Standards | This publication is an extract of the OPBOK showing The Standards. More »

Free Associate Membership Required The Journey Toward Intelligent Automation | Defined as the application of robotic process automation (RPA) along with artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing and computer vision, Intelligent Automation (IA) is bringing fundamental changes to how enterprises operate. Both the work (i.e., business processes) and the worker (i.e., resources) are evolving at breakneck speeds. The workforce now includes machines with software intelligence that enable enterprises to handle unstructured data rapidly, achieve savings within 6-9 months, achieve 100% ROI by the second year, and achieve above 90% efficiency gains. Beyond these hard business benefits, IA brings new skills that enable people to develop entirely new processes, essentially carving out new directions to expand what’s possible for their enterprises. More »

Free Associate Membership Required Blockchain and IoT Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management | Supply chain management can be defined simply as a baseball game… You must be wondering how isn’t it? All the participants in the supply chain management are baseball players – each having a role such as a shortstop, catcher, and pitcher. They are assigned specific duties such as hitting, throwing, and fielding – for the sole purpose of their team being successful. More »

Free Associate Membership Required Automate Outsourcing Governance | Large corporations have been using outsourcing as a business transformation tool for decades. Although the service delivery is transferred to the vendor, the accountability remains with the client organization to ensure risks are managed, and the promised value is delivered. This is where Outsourcing Governance teams come into the picture. Organizations have performed outsourcing governance in silos and mostly manually. The outsourcing governance teams are usually understaffed and lack the tools to manage the engagements effectively. This fragmented and completely manual approach results in significant loss of the value expected from outsourcing engagments. What organizations need is a tool that can automate the outsourcing governance function and help maximize value. More »

Free Associate Membership Required Intelligent Process Automation | Predictions for the immediate and not too distant future all point in the same direction – putting your client at the heart of all operational activities will further erode organizational silos around the front, middle, and back office, leading to the emergence of new, borderless, client-centric organizations that can optimize the way value creation is executed. More »

Free Associate Membership Required Resolving Digital Dilemmas | The relentless evolution of opportunities and challenges presented by digital technologies, brings a corresponding business imperative for continuous digital transformation. But, the waves of disruptive change and the accompanying divergent choices they often present, can introduce unanticipated complications and uncertainties. We describe these as Digital Dilemmas. Businesses that understand the nature of these dilemmas and their options for resolution will be the ones that flourish on the journey to 2022 and beyond. More »


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